Support Our Work

Be a part of our mission to protect Pennsylvania’s historic African American burial sites. Join our network and contribute to fund our preservation efforts. You can make a significant impact by becoming a part of our network and contributing to fund our crucial initiatives. Your contributions, no matter the size, are deeply appreciated.

You may wish to consider one of the following levels of support:

  • $10/year – “Peony” Support: Embracing a cherished tradition, peonies adorn the graves of USCT veterans on Decoration Day. They symbolize love, respect, and honor.


  • $25/year – “Periwinkle” Support: These delicate wildflowers, also known as myrtle or vinca, often grace African American burial sites, representing remembrance, faith, and peace.


  • $35/year – “Daffodil” Support: Spring’s herald, daffodils, frequent grave markers in African American burial grounds, symbolize hope, rebirth, and renewal.


  • $50/year – “Yucca” Support: A symbol of enduring strength, the yucca, a hardy and long-lasting perennial, is traditionally used to mark African American graves, representing resilience, fortitude, and persistence.


  • $100/year – “Evergreen” Support: Conifers like cedar and spruce, which grace and encircle African American cemeteries, offer year-round beauty and symbolize peace, transcendence, and timeless endurance.