Support Our Work

Pennsylvania Hallowed Grounds is an all-volunteer organization. Please help support our mission of preserving Pennsylvania’s African American burial grounds by joining our network and contributing to help fund our work. Contributions of any size are greatly appreciated.

You may wish consider one of the following levels of support:

$10/year–“Peony” Level Supporter: Often in bloom by the end of May, peonies were a favorite flower placed on the graves of USCT veterans on Decoration Day. They symbolize love, respect, and honor.

$25/year–“Periwinkle” Level Supporter: Also known as myrtle or vinca, these delicate wildflowers often mark African American burial sites, including the graves of the enslaved. They symbolizes remembrance, faith, and peace.

$35/year–“Daffodil” Level Supporter: One of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, daffodils are common grave markers and decorations in African American burial grounds. They symbolizes hope, rebirth, and renewal.

$50/year–“Yucca” Level Supporter: This tough, long-living perennial plant has traditionally been used to mark African American graves. It symbolizes resilience, fortitude, and persistence.

$100/year–“Evergreen” Level Supporter: Conifers such as cedar and spruce adorn and border African American cemeteries providing year-round beauty. They symbolize peace, transcendence, and timelessness.