Last week, Barbara Barksdale from Pennsylvania Hallowed Grounds and Mindy Crawford from Preservation Pennsylvania attended site visits with four of the grantees receiving preservation plan grants. Cemetery stewards met with Jason Harpe of Richard Grubb and Associates who will prepare an actionable, site-specific plan for each of site. We admire the dedication of the stewards and hope these plans will support the long term preservation of these historic hallowed grounds.

Thank you to the stewards who attended these visits and are supporting this work including: Rachel Kerri Wiliams & Alex Gurn of SOAL Lincoln Cemetery, Mike Rideout of Mt. Vernon/Lebanon Cemetery (Chambersburg), Lisa Carey, Renea Nicholas, and Jim Baldwin of Union Cemetery in Bellefonte, PA, and Chris Frisby of Zion Union Cemetery (Mercersburg).

Rachel Kerri Williams, Jason Harpe, Mindy Crawford, and Barbara Barksdale
Lincoln Cemetery
Steward Mike Rideout of Mt. Vernon/Lebanon Cemetery giving a tour
Jason Harpe, Mike Rideout, and Mindy Crawford at Mt. Vernon/Lebanon
Consultant Jason Harpe with Mindy Crawford, Jim Baldwin, and Lisa Carey at Union Cemetery
Stewards of Union Cemetery giving a tour of the grounds

Historical marker near Zion Union Cemetery

View of Zion Union Cemetery