The mission of the Pennsylvania Hallowed Grounds (PAHG) is to honor, interpret, and preserve African American cemeteries and the burial sites of Civil War African American Sailors and United States Colored Troops in America

PAHG connects and builds the capacity of stewards of these cemeteries and burial sites, and supports conservation, documentation, education, and training. Working collaboratively with other groups and organizations, PAHG provides tangible encounters with memory and enriches the public understanding of history. 

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“The Pennsylvania Hallowed Grounds as an organization has been essential to my understanding of my heritage… 

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History of the United States Color Troops (USCT)

History of African American Cemeteries in Pennsylvania

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For our 2021 Keynote Conference, held over Zoom, we had several amazing presentations and discussions pertaining to African American Cemetery preservation, archaeology, and the museum world.

​First, we had an introduction by two of our Board members who provided insight into our goals. The morning session had formal presentations led by Kelly Lizarraga (gave an update on legislation and advocation), Dr. Jason Hermann and Julia Byrnes (discussed archaeological mapping and discoveries), and Dr. Christopher Woods (repatriation and African American history within the Penn Museum, Philadelphia). 

The afternoon session featured Samantha Dorm, Dr. Leroy Hopkins, Anna Smith, and Lisa Money, stewards and advocates for Pennsylvania cemeteries. After the presentations, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and share their own stories.

The Pennsylvania Hallowed Grounds (PAHG) is working with several organizations to create archaeological GIS maps, databases of cemeteries, and stewardship advocacy in Pennsylvania. PAHG aims to promote change and development within these historic sites. To access some of these resources, click the links below.

Cemetery Database

Interactive GIS Map

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