The mission of the Pennsylvania Hallowed Grounds (PAHG) is to honor, interpret, and preserve African American cemeteries and the burial sites of Civil War African American Sailors and United States Colored Troops in Pennsylvania.

PAHG connects and builds the capacity of stewards of these cemeteries and burial sites, and supports conservation, documentation, education, and training. Working collaboratively with other groups and organizations, PAHG provides tangible encounters with memory and enriches the public understanding of history. 

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Thanks to your continued support of our organization, we can continue to promote change and lead the charge in preserving African American Heritage in Pennsylvania. 

“Preserving African American cemeteries is vital not just to our country’s past, but to our country’s future. These sites draw a direct, personal connection between American history and our experiences today.”                                       

Lonnie G. Bunch III, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution (2021)

History of PA’s Black Civil War Soldiers and Sailors

History of African American Cemeteries in Pennsylvania

Image of Signs and Flags